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Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina Love Finds You in Maiden, North Carolina - In Tamela's first book for Summerside Press, readers are taken to a small town in the year 1922. Two maidens are visiting their ailing aunt to recover from broken romances. But one of them harbors a scandalous secret...

Snowbound Colorado Christmas Snowbound Colorado Christmas - This novella collection focuses on four couples snowbound in a Colorado blizzard. The blizzard is an actual event that occurred in 1913, and shut down the Denver area for a week. In Tamela's story, Fires of Love, Thalia Bloom hosts the first party of the Christmas season, her only dread is seeing the man who broke her heart, Maximilian Newbolt. Between a blizzard and an allergy to rhurbarb, the party doesn't go as planned. But will love surprise them both?

Maryland Brides Maryland Brides - (Love's Denial/The Ruse/Vera's Turn for Love)

The Music of Home The Music of Home - Content with where life finds her, Drusie happily plans her future with Gladdie, her handsome fiance. Gladdie has a dream to own the store he works in, but money is hard to come by in Sunshine Holler, North Carolina. And then Gladdie's cousin, a successful record producer, hears Drusie sing and offers her the chance of a lifetime. Gladdie doesn't know what to think when Drusie and her sister head to the city to make a record and go on tour. Drusie says she's only doing this to help him buy that store. But what will happen when she hits the big time-and when other men start to appreciate his girl? Can their homespun romance survive a tangle with the glamour and excitement of city life and show business? Or will the underside of that business tear them apart?

The Ruse The Ruse - Katherine Jones' longtime pen pal, Otis Rath, is coming to visit her under false pretenses. What will happen when the truth is revealed?

Scripture to Live By Scripture to Live By - True Stories and Spiritual Lessons Inspired by the Word of God

Journeys Journeys - When a destitute lady, Dorothea Witherspoon, needs a loan, Lord Hopewell-Smithers presents himself as her knight in shining armor. Only his proposal comes at a great price. Can Lord Stratford Brunswick expose his rival's game before it's too late?

Masquerade Masquerade - (Duplicitous Facade) anthology with Jill Stengl, Bonnie Blythe, and Pamela Griffin

Love's Denial Love's Denial - All Raleigh Alden wants to do is keep unscrupulous merchants from exploiting his family fortune. When he falls for a seamstress, will he let his reputation get in the way of true love?

Brothers of the Outlaw Trail Brothers of the Outlaw Trail - (A Gamble on Love) anthology with DiAnn Mills, Kathleen Miller, and Lynette Sowell. Tamela's story, A Gamble On Love, is a finalist in the 2007 Book of the Year award from American Christian Fiction Writers.

Virginia Hearts Virginia Hearts - Contemporary Christian Romance

Brides o' the Emerald Isle Brides o' the Emerald Isle - (A Legend of Light) anthology with Linda Windsor, Vickie McDonough, and Pamela Griffin.

One Christmas Angel One Christmas Angel - (Angel Charm) anthology with Pamela Griffin. Also appears in Angels for Christmas Collection, Barbour

Angels for Christmas Angels for Christmas - (Angel Charm) anthology with Pamela Griffin, Gail Sattler, and Sandra Petit

Yuletide in Ireland and Wales Yuletide in Ireland and Wales - (Colleen of Erin) anthology with Ginny Aiken

Loveswept Loveswept - The nineteenth century has come to a close and The Capital Duster Electric Pneumatic Carpet Renovator is quite the newfangled contraption. Will a salesman of this modern convenience sweep Cecily off her feet?

Destinations Destinations - Will a deathbed promise and a family secret keep Lavonia and William apart? Winner of the RWA Inspirational Readers Choice Award in the Short Historical category.

Forever Friends Forever Friends - Can the man of her dreams tame Kassia's wild ways?

More Than Friends More Than Friends - Theo still loves Lexie, although now she's a widow--and a mother. Can Theo overcome his reluctance about fatherhood--and can Lexie rid herself of her guilt over her husband's death--so they can become a family?

Vera's Turn For Love Vera's Turn For Love - Vera Howard sees her friends fall in love and marry, but no one shows any interest in her--until dashing Byron Gates comes to town. Will Byron's past of flirtations and gambling end any hopes for the couple's future?

A Light Among Shadows A Light Among Shadows - Abigail is a sheltered girl promised to a worldly man. But her betrothed seems nothing like his reputation suggests. Surrounded by shadows, will Abigail find the true light she seeks?

The Lady and the Cad The Lady and the Cad - When Eunice Norwood agrees to give a notorious cad a refresher course in the intricate rules of etiquette, she realizes Lord Cecil needs more than better manners. Perhaps love can tame his heart? (sequel to A Light Among Shadows)

The Thrill Of The Hunt The Thrill Of The Hunt - Reece and Enid must solve a puzzle involving a set of complicated clues before Reece can gain his inheritance. Can love be the real prize?

Prairie County Fair Prairie County Fair - (Goodie, Goodie) anthology with Christine Lynxwiler, Lynn A. Coleman, and Freda Chrisman

Highland Legacy Highland Legacy - (Fayre Rose) anthology with Jill Stengl, Tracey V. Bateman, and Pamela Griffin. Bestseller!

The Elusive Mr. Perfect The Elusive Mr. Perfect - Joelle Jamison searches the classified to find the perfect Christian husband. But will she ever see that her true love is right next door?

City Dreams City Dreams - (A World Of Difference) anthology with Linda Lyle, Christine Lynxwiler, and Kathleen Paul

Rescue: Matchmaker Rescue: Matchmaker - (Man Of Distinction) anthology with Wanda E. Brunstetter, Lauralee Bliss, and Pamela Griffin. Bestseller!

Picture Of Love Picture Of Love - Professional artist Ian is disappointed when art reviewer Trina Martin pans his work. But will she feel differently about the love he has for her in his heart?

Prayers And Promises: Armed Forces Prayers And Promises: Armed Forces - THM contributor

Sweet Treats Sweet Treats - (Cream of the Crop) anthology with Birdie Etchison, Wanda E. Brunstetter and Pamela Griffin

Bible Survival Bible Survival - A Trivia Challenge For The Adventurous Soul

Lost And Found Lost And Found - Bible Trivia for the Searching Soul

Clean Jokes for Kids Clean Jokes for Kids - Appropriate and hilarious for all ages, with Dan Harmon

More Clean Jokes for Kids More Clean Jokes for Kids - Appropriate and hilarious for all ages, with Dan Harmon

Fun Bible Trivia Fun Bible Trivia - Questions and answers from the Bible

Fun Bible Trivia 2 Fun Bible Trivia 2 - More questions and answers from the Bible

Great Bible Trivia for Kids Great Bible Trivia for Kids - Hundreds of trivia questions (with answers) bring the Bible to life for eight to twelve year olds.

Joy From the Heart Joy From the Heart - (Raven's Flight) e-book anthology with Pamela Griffin, Wanda Brunstetter, and Birdie Etchison